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Ron Seiber Inspection Reviews


Ron was very thorough ,meticulous and even taught us a few things about taking care of a home ! i appreciate he listened to all our issues ,doubts and answered them all as first time buyers we appreciate his expertise and detailed report Thank you Ron


Ron is a very good inspector that you can find. He works carefully and he focused on every small details in our house. He also shows us how to know some basic knowledge to take care our new home.


It was a great home inspection experience with Ron. I am a first time home buyer/owner and I basically don’t know anything about a home. Ron did a thorough inspection, explained everything in great detail, answered all of my questions from little things(faucet, outlet, smoke detectors…) to big items(heat pump, HVAC, attic…) He checked on everything you can possibly think of and send me the report in 2 hours with all of the details and recommendations even links for parts I may need to replace, I am super impressed! Thank you very much Ron! I really appreciate your work.


We are working with Ron many years. Ron did an excellent job on our inspection each time. He was very descriptive on what needed to be done. He also checked everything so well. Good job!


Thank you Ron for your excellent detailed inspection. I will definitely recommend Ron to anyone I know. Thank you for your extensive report with photos. Great work


I had about 4 home inspections in the last 10 years. Ron did an excellent job. The report was comprehensive and very detailed with pictures and recommendations. I will definitely use Ron again in the future.


Second time I have obtained Rons services for a home inspection. He is very thorough, takes time to answer questions during the inspection and provided a wealth of information to help us get situated in our new home. I highly recommend Ron!!!


Ron did excellent inspections of my home, he spent around 2 hours and give all granular level details of home. I am 100% recommending him.


We hired Ron to inspect 52 year old home. Ron did really good job inspecting home and he did thorough walk thru of home with us. He answered all our questions and he spend enough time to review everything and he identified issues with home. His home inspections reports are very detailed and comprehensive showing pictures. He is very experienced and i highly recommend him.


Ron did a very thorough inspection, from door knob to water temperature. The report was provided fast and comprehensive with recommendations and useful links. I highly recommend him! Thanks Ron!

Justin and Sophia

Ron did an excellent job on our inspection. He was very descriptive on what needed to be done. He also checked everything so well.


Ron performed a thorough inspection of our house with photographs from every angle for details. During the inspection he also provided his inputs about every item and also provided a details comprehensive summary report. He also shared additional links of the information and products which might be useful for us.


We have used Ron twice and will go back to him again in a heartbeat. He is very thorough and does a great job explaining every detail.


Ron is thorough professional. He explained every minor things in detail. Happy to have him doing inspection for our first home. No wonder he has so many wonderful review.


Ron did a great job with our townhouse inspection, which was easily scheduled within a few days notice. We appreciated his attention detail, thoroughness, and pieces of advice as he conducted the inspection, and were very pleasantly surprised to receive a detailed report, in addition to links to all of the tools/items referenced that day, within a few hours. We would definitely recommend Ron.

Mike Kang

Ive used Ron for my 3 investment properties. He is a professional and provided outstanding quality service with a detailed explanation report with photos all on the same day. He does a fantastic job of meticulously and thoroughly going through every aspect of the home looking for issues and explaining the problem with solution to remedy the issue. Ive used his service multiple times and rely on his expertise when making a big investment decision.

Salaeha Shariff

Ron did a great job with my condo inspection. He was thorough and provided me with a comprehensive report within a few hours of the inspection. The inspection report included photos with explanations and links for where I can purchase materials for repairs/upgrades. I would recommend his services to family and friends.


Ron did the inspection for a 2 bedroom condo we are in the process of purchasing. He went through the home very thoroughly and during the process, informed me of all the little things that I definitely would’ve missed. He also explained to me how to fix these problems and sent me all of the links of the parts necessary to do so! The inspection report he provided was very thorough and accurate. Thanks Ron!


Ron always does a thorough inspection and provide personal tools and tips for safety. Excellent and Outstanding service. I will always recommend him.


Ron was extremely thorough with his inspection of our home and provided a lot of insight and advice on how to improve the house and what to look out for in the future. I truly appreciated our home inspection session!