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Ron Seiber Inspection Reviews

La Shawn

Extremely satisfied! This was such a thorough inspection - more than I had expected. Ron is extremely knowledgeable and gave recommendations for purchasing and maintaining our beautiful new home.


Ron is absolute the subject matter expert on inspecting a house. As a first time buyer with minimum knowledge, I was able to acquire some valuable hands-on experience as Ron explained things along the way. I feel he is the professional I want to trust and I highly recommend Ron to buyers shopping for their future house.


I have about 4 home inspections by Mr. Seiber in last 6 years. Mr. Seiber has been very professional always & recommend his home inspection service to everybody!!!!! Two Thumbs UP!


Mr. Seiber was the most diligent and thorough home inspector that my husband and i have had the good luck to meet. We had a problem after an intense rain storm and he checked out every nick and corner of our home. Additionally he sent us a very detailed assessment of damages and what to expect from the contractor. You cannot go wrong from using his services.


My family and I were very impressed by the professionalism that Ron had as he inspected the Town home. He went through the entire house to inspect and identify any potential area of worry. He went through his detailed report at the end of the inspection and took the time to help us understand his findings. I was very happy to have him inspect the property and would highly recommend his services to friends.


He is extremely detailed oriented. He inspected my house like hes inspecting his own house. I highly recommend his service.


Ron is thorough and pays attention to details when doing home inspection. He is very knowledgeable and that makes his home inspections educative for the prospective home owners. His home inspection report can be used as a guide for good home maintenance. He saved us from getting into a bad property which was literally painted over to look good on the surface by uncovering underlying issues which would have cost us a lot of money to fix. Very happy with his services. Highly recommend him.

Hyun & JUN

Mr.Ron is the best home inspector I have ever met in my life. I am very picky but I didnt have to worry about anything when I met him. He was Pickier than me! Which is really good thing when you purchase a house. My parents bought a house around the same time so I could meet their inspector and it was totally disappointing. Mr.Ron is very organized and he taught us how to maintain, what can be possible issue in the future, what part we need, and where we can get those part. His report is A +++++ !! All explanation,pictures and recommendations are totally awesome! After few month we bought a house, a problem occured and it was exactly what Mr. Ron told us it might happen anytime soon. I and my husband were so wowed! If you are buying a house, look no further! You cant find a better inspector than Mr. Ron!!! ( Sellers agent may wont be happy ) . I will hire him when buy house in the future for SURE and I am recommend him to anyone who want to buy a house !


Ron made the inspection fun and we learned so much about our future home. He knows his stuff and was genuinely interested in our concerns. The report he generates from the inspection is detailed with pictures and the format is easy to read. The report doesnt only point out issues but also provides strategies for mitigating the problems. Having Ron eyes, experience, and expertise helped put my mind at ease, especially since the house was older. Exceptional inspector, great guy.


Rob is a great home inspector. We got appointment within a day and his inspection was very meticulous. I liked how he marked indications on stuff in Various areas to help us maintain them well in the future. He also recommended a lot of good practices. His report is extremely detailed and can be used for next 10-15 years to maintain the house in good condition. I strongly recommended Rob for this job.


Ron did two home inspection for me already. The first time is about 6 years ago. Ron is very knowledgeable and thorough. He checked every piece of the house: small as open/close windows, each outlet, and large as roof, wall... I feel that I can totally rely on him with the peace of mind for the house. That is the reason why I asked Ron to help me again.


Very knowledgeable and thorough guy . During inspection, he explained the major systems i house and how to maintain it. Also gave us info on regular maintenance items. After the day of inspection, i had some questions and he responded to answers of my questions sent to him in email.


Although I wasn’t with him during inspection, the report, summary and photos are amazing and I feel like I was there and aware everything by looking his recordings. I really appreciate his great work for my future house.


Ron arrived before time. He is very thorough, friendly and professional. He did a detailed inspection of our house. As a first-time home buyer, I had lots of questions. He was patient and answered all my questions. He explained me about the water pressure and how to adjust temperature to save utility bill. He also recommended which filters to use. His report includes lots of pictures and recommendations. I would definitely recommend his services.


Wonderful Job Ron. Thanks for all the pictures and recommendations.


Mr. Seiber was friendly and performed a very thorough inspection. He answered all questions I asked with clear explanations. He also recommended what need to be replaced in the future to maintain good house keeper. I would definitely recommend his services, particularly for the first time home buyers.


Great job Ron...VERY thorough and appreciate all the pictures and recommendations!


Ron is very precise in his work. He will share everything with you and lead you to know you house for each square inches. Really recommend him, specially for the first buyers.


Mr. Seiber performed a very thorough inspection and was very clear as to the minor issues the property had. He answered all questions asked by me and gave me an in depth explanation as to why the issues occurred and how to cost efficiently fix them. It gave me a sound piece of mind and a heads up on what we should focus on when we move in. Your patience and careful explanations were so helpful and truly appreciated. Thank you!

Min Hyuk

Very detailed and oriented professional! I recommend him for your new home.