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Ron Seiber Inspection Reviews


Ron was exceptionally detailed and thorough in his inspection of our condo. It was a new build in the Arlington area. He came prepared with every possible tool in order to fully investigate and document each item. He has made it incredibly easy for us to share his findings with the builder as well as to protect our home in the long term. I would recommend him to anyone.

Wathana and Lizzy

Ron did an awesome job with his inspection of our townhome. He walked us through all his findings and answered all of our questions. At the end he will provide you a full breakdown of his finding with photos.

Mark + Betty

Ron was highly recommended by our realtor and proved to be an excellent choice. He was punctual, thorough, and friendly. My wife and I followed him around the house as he did his inspection, and he patiently answered all of our questions and explained everything he was noting along the way. We left feeling like we knew our new home well and how to take care of it. The report he sent later that day was detailed, easy to read, and included hundreds of captioned photos to illustrate the items he pointed out. We highly recommend Ron to anyone in need of a home inspection.


Thank you for the delicate and detailed inspection and explanation. The review was really helpful and easy to understand the status of the house.


Ron arrived on time, actually a bit early in order to get set up. He was friendly and very professional. We found Ron to be very approachable and he answered all of our questions as we accompanied him during the inspection. He was extremely thorough and detailed in his inspection, but also efficient and didnt waste time. He explained to us how all the major systems in the house work and pointed out where we could make simple but highly effective changes/upgrades, items that werent problems but would help us a the buyers moving into a new house create a more efficient home system. Ron is extremely knowledgeable, he knows old systems, new systems and can speak intelligently about both. In the end it was a wonderful experience and I would recommend his services to anyone buying or selling.


Ron saved us nearly $50,000. He discovered a major foundation issue by crawling underneath an addition to the home. We were so impressed with his dedication to being thorough, wide breadth of knowledge, and professionalism that we hired him again to do the final walk through. Ron genuinly cared about our well being throughout the process and we felt confident knowing that he was looking out for us. I will always turn to Ron for future home related needs. I highly recommend him to anyone.


Mr. Seiber was prompt, personable and appeared very knowledgeable. His written report was thorough and was supported by photos with notes describing the conditions he found. He patiently answered all of my questions. I would recommend Mr. Seiber to anyone who needs a home inspection.


Ron did a very good job and found major as well as minor issues in the house very well - this might cause a big spending if not found. He also kindly provided many tips to take care of the house. His inspection report is very useful, easy to follow and not miss anything found during the inspection. He is one best home inspector in the US!!!


Ron was very professional. He explained the issues in very details and also has suggested the fix. He has also answered all of my concerns/questions. I would recommend him, outstanding service.

R. Lopez

Previous positive reviews for Ron, made my decision very easy to hire him as my home inspector. Ron was Punctual, Professional and very detailed during our home inspection. As a bonus Ron explained to me any issues located and how to get them fixed. Very satisfied with his reporting and evaluation and would happily refer him to anyone.


Ron did an excellent job with our home inspection. He worked quick yet did a thorough job. His inspection report was very reader friendly and easy it understand. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.


Ron did an excellent job on my home inspection! He walked me through the entire inspection and answered all the questions we had. He was extremely thorough with his evaluations, and provided lots of pictures with additional details. I highly recommend him to family and friends.


Ron did an awesome job!!!! He is an excellent inspector. He was extremely thorough with his evaluations, and provided lots of pictures with great details. He walked me through the entire inspections and patiently took the time to answer questions and provided unbiased guidance for repairs. I definitely was use him again, and highly recommend him to family and friends. Money well spent!!!!


Ron was excellent! I dont think we could have found a better inspector. He was honest, punctual and experienced. Thanks Ron for a great experience , now we know who to use!


This is a second time we are using Ron for our home inspection service and i would say Pure Professionalism!! He is on-time, detail organized, sufficient, explains well and will do an absolute excellent job. He comes prepared and very honest. His reports are on-point and on-time. If you are looking for a dependable, honest and well-done home inspector then Ron is your guy. I highly recommend.


Ron is amazing: very thorough and patient. He was extremely thorough in his evaluations and the report was very detailed with color photos, facts, explanations, and suggestions. He walked us through the entire inspection as first-time home buyers, and provided his honest professional unbiased guidance. I feel very confident in his judgments. I would highly recommend him to anyone for a home inspection.

Gaurang Shah

Ron is amazing: very thorough and patient, too! He took the time to explain everything to us as first-time home buyers. The final inspection report he provided with color photos, facts, explanations, suggestions, links and videos.


Awesome!!!!! Ron is a very professional. He walked us through each and every aspect of the home inspection- in detailed. Answered all our questions. He not only provided the issues during inspection and also guided on the solutions towards those as well. Provided the detailed report the same day with lots of pictures. I highly recommend him to others including friends and family.


Ron was recommended by our realtor. He is a real pro , very detailed oriented and knowledgeable. He was quick in finding problems and provided detailed solution to each one with a large number of pictures. Thanks Ron!


Excellent inspection, walked us through the nuances of maintaining the home, and gave us a very detailed report.