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Ron Seiber Inspection Reviews


Ron Seiber was absolutely exceptional! I was very impressed by his attention to detail. Ron did not leave a stone unturned. He was incredibly thorough. I'm talking from checking the roof to the doorknobs. Ron was also very pleasant. With each item, he kindly explained: what he was looking for; how it should appear; whether or not it was working properly; if it was not functioning properly, how it would work if it were; when an item should be attended to; giving helpful tips throughout and he patiently answered whatever questions my husband and I had. I receive an email about four hours later with a full written report, pictures of everything, and again many helpful tips that included website links directing me to where I can get the items that needed attention. What more can you ask for!!?? I honestly feel that my money was very well spent. So, if you're looking for an "Inspection" and not a lookover then Ron is your man. Thank you very much Ron!


Ron was very knowledgeable, professional and thorough in his work. During the process of inspection, he took the time to explain about the do's and don'ts of house keeping. At the end of the inspection, I felt I was more knowledgeable and confident to take the next steps. Would highly recommend him for anyone who needs a house inspection.


Ron was very professional and knew is job very well. He is very thorough and goes through every detail with the customer during the inspection. I am pleased with his service and highly recommend anyone interested in hiring a home inspector.


Ron has exceed my expectations - Arrived on time - Very knowledgeable in different areas - Well equipped - Thorough - Attentive to details This list can go on and on. He is a real professional.


Ron was very professional and knowledgeble and brought the proper tools. We called Ron on a very short notice and he came to the property ontime and started promptly. He was very detail and checked out all necessary items from pumbling, electrical, exterior, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. I didn't know Ron, but now I know him and recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspection. Great job Ron.

Andrew S.

Ron was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely professional and knowledgable. He really took the time to explain his thoughts and make useful recommendations. I felt like I learned more from him than I would from the average home inspector. It's a no-brainier going with Ron especially since his pricing was totally reasonable. He actually performed the inspection on our new house as well as the inspection for the buyer of our townhouse. He was so helpful in assisting us with understanding the fixes we needed to make, we chose him for our inspection as well and it was a great choice. Thanks Ron!!

Sheilah S.

We called Ron with very short notice and he came out the same day to do our home inspection. Ron was professional and very detailed, because of Ron's advise we were able to have a new roof put onto our new home at the seller's expense. Our inspection report was very thorough, he even went as far as to write the dates on all of our major home systems so that we would know when they were manufactured and installed with just one glance. We purchased our home with great confidence and the follow up calls we've had with Ron have been quite helpful. Thank you for your professionalism and sound advise. Your expertise saved us from making a costly mistake recently when we were prepared to purchase our next home.


Ron is a 5-star home inspector, meticulous, experienced and very friendly. He is patient and explains each and every question you have about the house. His report is excellent with great details,recommendations and lots of photos. He is not expensive. Happy that I choose Ron over others. Thanks Ron for an excellent job, appreciated.

Ghada Alobaidi

Ron was very professional and on time. I appreciate the time he took to go over every detail of the home inspection. I am very impressed about the quality of his work. He took lots of pictures and had my report done the same day. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in obtaining an excellent inspection. Thank you Ron for doing an amazing job.

Bruce Bowler

Ron was very professional gave pointer...took lots of pictures... let me know what to look for.... Things that would keep cost down the aging of certain items which could become costly just in general a very good inspector would recommend him to all my friends who are in the market and looking to reports very formative money well worth... Thx Ron.

Robert V

I called Ron for a home inspection after compared with couples other home inspectors, and I also read the online reviews. Ron charged a reasonable price for the inspection, and he was/is very knowledgeable and very thorough during the inspection. I joint Ron for the walk through entire house and process. He also was polite, and went over everything with me and answered my questions. We received the report on the same day by email with lots of useful pictures, tips, and recommendations. We were/are happy with his response, experience, and provided information reports.

Michael M

First, I called Ron after receiving what I thought was too high of a estimate for an inspection. He took my phone call, explained why it was high and offered his services and his prices (which were less than HALF as much as what the other Inspection Company wanted.) THEN he made time in his schedule the very next day as that's when we were already scheduled for the inspection. He was incredibly thorough, polite, and went over everything with me and answered my random questions. Then, not four hours later I had a full and complete report in my email, not only with the items needing attention, but also giving me helpful information, like exactly where the air vent filter locations are and other helpful tips. Very happy with his response, experience, timeliness, inspection report and overall value. By the way it was POURING rain and he spent a lot of time outside making sure water was moving away from the house, checking roof, windows, etc. - he wasn't afraid to get wet! Thank you Ron!

Dung Lam

I was extremely pleased with the home inspection from Ron Seiber. His inspection was incredibly thorough. I think he spent 3-3.5 hours with me. I followed him through the inspection, and he explained things to me along the way. And he emailed me immediately after the inspection was completed with 120 pictures included. If anything was in less than 100% perfect condition. It was noted for needing repair. Ron Seiber knew approximately how much it would cost to fix the things he noted. It was extremely easy to set up the appointment, and he was on time. The fee was also reasonable at $420. I highly recommend him!

Kannan Annamalai

Ron is been doing the home inspection to my clients for the past three years. All my clients were very happy the way he does the home inspection and explains in detail about the common problems they might get into after buying the home. Few of my clients were in touch with him even after the settlement for his guidance and advice for the common problems in maintaining the property. Always he spends lot time in doing the home inspection at a very reasonable rate.


Ron is thorough, he would check all the places I, as a buyer, would never thought of taking a look.


Ron was excellent - easy scheduling, fixed and easy to understand pricing, arrived on time, spent as much time as was needed at the property, inspected the house inside and out, and sent us the report with the pictures same day. He has a great sense of humor and patiently explained things to us. He turned a a rather stressful event into a pleasurable experience. Will definitely use Ron's services again and would recommend him highly to others.

Neal V

Ron inspected a perspective home that my clients were considering for purchase. He performed a very thorough, professional, timely, and quality inspection. My clients and myself were both very pleased. Great work, Ron, thank you!

Mel T.

Mr. Seiber does excellent work. I will highly recommend him to family, friends, etc. for any future home inspection. The seller was even impressed with the thoroughness and details of his work. He will ask you to accompany him throughout the inspection to discuss his inspection findings (he also provides you with written details), so if he says 3 hours, then be prepared for 3 hours. I found his work well worth the money and his price is very reasonable.


I highly recommend Mr. Seiber. I retained him to inspect a very large home (close to 14,000 sq.ft.). It took him close to 5 hours to complete the inspection. He did a very thorough job. He is very patient and systematic about his inspection and does not cut corners. He sent me a thorough report the same evening with many photographs. He followed up with me about the findings and spent a fair amount of time with me to give his thoughts and answer my questions. His fee is very fair. Just all around super job... 5 stars all the way.

Jorge DeAlmeida

Found Mr. Seiber on the internet. He did a very professional job, took lots of pictures pointed out the issues that needed correction. I had some questions that needed clarification and called him on a Sunday. He did the inspection on a Saturday. I had some questions and had to call him on Sunday. He was very attentive and clarified all the concerns I had. Bottom line. A very thorough and professional individual. Highly recommend him.