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Ron Seiber Inspection Reviews


Ron is very professional. He explained each and every inspection points in details, use of each instrument, maintenance recommendation. I highly recommend him !!


I still came to Ron for home inspection again after he did one for me ten years ago. (Yeah, I kept his contact information for ten years!) And I heartedly recommended him to a number of my friends over years. I like Ron mainly for two reasons: 1. He does a thorough job, big or small items. Usually he spends full three hours on a two-bedroom condo. And 2. he is willing to spend time to teach me and show me how to take care of the items, although his charge is not time based.


Ron was very professional, detailed and thoughtful. He has examined the house from all the different angles. Highly recommended!


Ron is thoughtful, professional, and very thorough. He gave detailed reports and recommendations. Dont think twice, hire him.

Edward Lee

Ron was extremely detailed and covered every bit of the house for inspection. He also provided detailed pictures and explanations for the parts of the house that needed improvement or repairs and I am very grateful for the work that he did. Thanks Ron!

Selvin and DINORA Mejia

Ron was highly recommended by my brother and we must say that we were extremely pleased with him. Ron is very professional, thorough and pays attention to every detail when doing home inspections. He is very knowledgeable, helpful and that makes his home inspections educative for the prospective home buyers. Ron really went out of his way to answered all my questions, he made us feel comfortable with our potential purchase. His home inspection report was very detailed and will be used as a guide for good home maintenance. We were very happy with his services. We are glad we chose him to be our inspector. Highly recommend him. Thank you Ron for an amazing service!


WOW! Ron is incredible! He came in a really short notice and he took his time to inspect every detail around the house. We appreciate that he let us walk through the house with him and he answer all of our questions and even showed us and explain all the details of the house and provided some suggestions for the future maintenance. He also provided us a comprehensive report the same day of the inspection. He was really nice and easy to work with, I highly recommend him!


Ron is very nice, knowledgable, professional and reasonable. He came out on a short notice and sent me a detailed inspection report along with ton of color pictures, explanation of all the findings and cost estimates the same day. He is thorough, explains everything , and listens and answers all the questions patiently. It was fun to accompany him on the inspection, it was a great experience. Thanks to him I can say, I know the the home Im buying. I highly recommend Ron.


thank you for doing a good home inspections.we reviewed the inspection report summary but we have little knowledge of housing so can you give us any advice from the recommended list that things need replace or repairs on the summary listed.because the county asked to know which one they need to fix .thank you for your help .


you were very punctual, friendly and professional. And you did a thorough job. thanks!

Varghese P Chacko

Ron was on time, and friendly. He did the inspection very detailed and we could understand what where the problems of the house, which help us to know what parts we need to fix. Thanks for the time you spend for the inspection and you inspection report!

Denise Thrash

Ron is very pleasant, prompt and knowledgeable. He will answer any questiosn or concerns during the inspection. Once he is completed with your home inspecttion, you will have a detailed report within a few hours.

Hamila Atefi

Ron was on time , did the inspection in great detail and was excellent in all aspects.


Upon my agents recommendation, I went with Ron for home inspection. Ron was in the drive way 15 mins early and guided us through the entire inspection and answered all our questions with a smile on the face. His style of inspection is very thorough and methodical and report is very detailed.


Very detailed inspection! I have claimed what I needed. Thanks to Ron!


He was very thorough and professional. Very satisfied!


He an Awesome and very professional. The inspection was 100% satisfied.


Very pleasant and thorough person. He had done another home for us, that is why we asked him to come to this one. Thanks!

Staci Ray-Turner

Ron is very professional, and extremely thorough on the inspection he performed. We received our inspection report the same day! I recommend Ron’s inspection services as he will ensure your buyer has a peace of mind with their soon to be home!!! Thank you Ron for the great service!


Thank you for an awesome job done. Very detail-oriented and thorough. Covered all aspects of the house. Could not have asked for a better inspector.